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Methods a Cancer Care Center Can Use to Treat Cancer

When it comes to treating cancer, there are various methods that a cancer care center can employ. These methods are designed to improve the chances of remission and increase survival rates. This post explores some common approaches utilized by cancer care centers to effectively treat cancer.


Surgery is one of the primary methods employed by cancer care centers to remove tumors and cancerous tissues from the body. Surgical procedures may range from minimally invasive procedures, such as laparoscopic surgery, to more complex operations, depending on the type and stage of cancer. Surgeons aim to remove cancer cells while preserving healthy tissues and organs as much as possible.


Chemotherapy entails the administration of potent medications designed to eradicate cancer cells or hinder their proliferation. These medications can be administered orally, through injections, or intravenously. Chemotherapy is often used as a systemic treatment, meaning it affects the entire body, targeting cancer cells. Prior to surgical procedures, it can be employed to reduce tumor size. It can also be used following surgery to eradicate any residual cancerous cells.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy utilizes high-energy beams, such as X-rays or protons, to target and kill cancer cells. This treatment may be delivered externally, where a machine directs radiation towards the affected area, or internally, where radioactive material is placed near or directly into the tumor. Radiation therapy serves as a crucial treatment option, either on its own or in conjunction with surgery or chemotherapy. Its primary objective is to eradicate cancer cells that may have metastasized or to reduce the size of tumors prior to surgical intervention.


Immunotherapy is an innovative approach that harnesses the body's immune system to fight cancer. Immunotherapy involves administering drugs that boost the immune response against cancer cells, aiding the immune system in efficiently recognizing and attacking them. 

Targeted Therapy

These drugs target specific abnormalities present in cancer cells that promote their growth. By blocking these abnormalities, targeted therapy can halt cancer cell growth or induce their death while minimizing damage to healthy cells. This approach is particularly effective for cancers that have specific genetic mutations or specific proteins on their surface.

Palliative Care

In addition to the curative treatments mentioned above, cancer care centers also emphasize palliative care. Palliative care improves life quality by effectively managing cancer-related symptoms, including pain, fatigue, and nausea. A multidisciplinary team collaborates to provide support and improve the overall well-being of patients.

Cancer care centers employ a variety of methods to treat cancer effectively. These methods range from surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy to newer approaches like immunotherapy and targeted therapy. By combining various treatment modalities, cancer care centers work towards improving patient outcomes and providing comprehensive care throughout their cancer journey.

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