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Tips For Joining A Gym For The First Time

While you don't always have to join a gym in order to stay active, it certainly can be a helpful way to motivate yourself to stay fit. However, joining a gym the first time can seem a little foreign or intimidating. If you can relate to these feelings, you may find the following tips helpful.

Visit gyms in-person before joining

These days, most gyms allow people to join and pay for a membership online. But just because you can do this does not mean you should. It's really important to make sure you join a gym where you feel comfortable and welcome. You may feel "at home" at a different gym more than others. The best way to know whether a gym feels right is to visit in person. Visit at least three or four different ones before selecting a gym to join.

Make a list of services you need

Gyms offer a long list of services and amenities. Some have tanning beds. Others have smoothie bars. Some have pools, and others have saunas. A lot of people end up paying for a membership that includes lots of amenities they never end up using. So, to avoid over-paying, make a list of amenities you honestly think you'll use at a gym. Look for a membership option that includes those amenities with as few extras as possible.

Say "yes" to a personal training session or two

Even if you don't ultimately plan on working with a personal trainer, you should schedule a session or two with a personal trainer when you first join a gym. Some gyms even give you a free session when you sign up. This session is a great opportunity to learn your way around, find out how various machines work, and get a better idea of how the gym can support your training goals.

Keep it local

You might think you'll drive 20 minutes across town to the nicer or cheaper gym, but realistically, the further away you are from the gym, the more likely you are to skip sessions. Especially when you're new to the idea of going to the gym, keep things easier on yourself by joining a gym close to home.

Joining a gym can be life-changing, especially if you go about it in the right way. Keep the tips above in mind, and working out will become a habit you fall in love with. Contact a local gym to learn more.