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How To Have An Awesome First Dispensary Visit

For many, the first trip to a cannabis dispensary is more than just an opportunity to buy legal marijuana. It's a personal milestone and an opportunity to fully see and embrace the progress that cannabis activists have made over the years. If you are getting warm, fuzzy, excited feelings as you consider your upcoming dispensary visit, then here are some ways to make sure it's as amazing as you're hoping it will be.

Arrive well before the dispensary closes.

In some towns and cities, dispensaries are required to close by a certain time — so the dispensary may not be open a late as you'd assume. Check the hours before you go, and make sure you arrive at least an hour before closing time. This gives you more time to browse the various products. And you can expect quite a few products! Dispensaries do not just sell natural cannabis. They also sell cannabis edibles, vape pens, wax, shatter, and all sorts of other specialized products.

Don't get worried when asked for your ID.

You're going to be asked for your photo ID several times at the dispensary. This makes some visitors uneasy as you may be used to associate showing your ID with being in trouble. But you have nothing to worry about. Dispensaries are just following the law, which, in most states, requires them to check your ID at least twice before selling to you. Take a deep breath, hand over your ID, and try not to let this get to you too much.

Ask for product suggestions.

Dispensaries offer so many different products, and many of them are probably unfamiliar to you. So, ask the budtender for some recommendations. After talking to you about your preferences and your health, the budtender will advise you to try certain things. This is a great way to come home with items that you end up loving, and that you may not have tried on your own.

Buy a few different things.

Rather than buying a whole ounce of one cannabis strain, aim to leave your first dispensary visit with a few different items. Buy one thing you're pretty sure you'll like, another product you're really curious about, and something else that's almost so off-beat that you almost wouldn't think of buying it. This way, you'll expand your horizons and figure out what you really like.

If you follow the advice above, you can expect to have an awesome first visit to the dispensary. Enjoy!