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2 Types of Eye Floater Removal Options That You Should Know

Eye floaters are a common element of the aging process. As you get older, vitreous, the fluid in your eyes shrinks. As a result, floaters form. If you look at your eyes against a bright background, you can see them. Although they are not chronic, they can substantially affect your quality of life. Thus, you should learn to live with them or go for eye floater removal.

What is Eye Floater Removal?

For most people, the floaters are considered a nuisance. Treating eye floaters depends on the symptoms manifested and exam findings. Some patients complain of floaters, but they cannot be confirmed through the clinical exam. Others have extensive and highly visible vitreous opacities, yet they don't have symptoms. In this context, the floaters can be mild or chronic.

A physician should evaluate your condition and determine if the floaters are a threat to vision. You should also tell your doctor if they are interfering with your everyday functions. In such a case, eye floater removal treatment is vital.

Surgical Removal

Surgery is considered an option if the vitreous cavity has extensive clouds of debris or particles that frequently move in and out of vision. Such patients complain of shadows that move in front of their vision when reading or driving.

During surgery, an ophthalmologist conducts a small incision known as a vitrectomy. This procedure involves removing the vitreous and replacing it with a solution to help the eye retain its shape.

Although all the floaters can be removed through surgery, new ones can develop after some time. Before choosing surgery as your eye floater removal option, you should know that it can lead to retinal tears and excessive bleeding.

Laser Disruption

If you don't like surgery, laser disruption is also an effective option in eye floater removal. Ophthalmologists use lasers to break large floaters into small particles. By making them smaller and less noticeable, there are higher chances that they will not interfere with your normal vision. However, please do your research about the procedure before settling for it. Clinical trials are underway to ascertain its effectiveness and safety.

Don't let eye floaters mess up your life. You can research your eye floater removal options by contacting eye care clinics. You can also visit your doctor for an examination to determine if they need to be removed. Surgery and laser disruption are two of the main procedures for eye floater removal.