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Erectile Dysfunction: Answers To The Most Pressing Questions

Not being able to achieve or keep an erection as a male can interfere with your personal relationships, your emotional well-being, and your self-confidence as a man. About five percent of men who are 40 years old will have erectile dysfunction (ED), and as the age number goes up, the percentage of men with the problem continues to rise. Even though it can be difficult to bring up the topic of ED to your doctor, it is really important to do so because the issue is most often relative to other health concerns. Here is a look at some of the things you probably want to know about ED. 

Is erectile dysfunction a permanent problem?

Erectile dysfunction is not usually a permanent problem. In a lot of cases, treatment for the condition that is causing the ED will help you have fewer problems with ED itself. For example, if you are having issues with ED because of hypertension, medications to help with high blood pressure and incorporating a good diet and exercise plan can help. In more severe cases, ED can be permanent, but it is usually relative to a chronic condition that cannot be cured through typical treatments. 

What medical conditions put you more at risk of developing ED?

There are actually a number of medical conditions that can put you at risk of developing ED. Heart disease is probably the most commonly known medical condition that can lead to ED. However, there is an entire list of other medical conditions that can also be associated. For example, a study published by PubMed showed that of the 7,689 men with diabetes mellitus who participated, 61 percent between 55 and 59 had ED. The reason behind this is that diabetes creates vascular circulatory problems throughout all parts of the body, including the penis. 

Are there medications that you can take for ED?

There are medications available for erectile dysfunction that you can obtain by talking to your doctor. Most of these medications work by inhibiting blood flow away from the penis once it gets there, which will naturally cause an erection and allow you to keep it until the medication wears off. Even though these medications are usually treated as a short-term solution for ED, they can be really helpful if you are a male who has medical issues and ED. In some cases, depending on the health of the patient, medication for ED can be a longer-term solution. 

For more information on Erectile Dysfunction treatment medicine, contact your local medical professionals.