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Do You Have Sleep Apena Even After Losing Weight? Tonsil Stones May Be To Blame

Sleep apnea is a troubling condition that can cause a variety of health problems, including anxiety, insomnia, and even death. Most cases of it are caused by excessive weight gain and it typically goes away the moment that you lose the extra weight that you may have gained.

However, you've gone on a weight-loss routine and trimmed down to a healthier weight. However, you're still suffering from sleep apnea and can't figure out why. There is a good chance that a problem known as tonsil stones may be to blame. These must be treated as soon as possible.

Why Tonsil Stones May Be To Blame

Tonsil stones are a unique buildup on your tonsils that can be very irritating and painful to deal with when trying to sleep. In some instances, they can cause a person to struggle to breathe, particularly at night. While they don't normally get large enough for that issue, it may still happen.

The frustrating thing about tonsils stones is that they are easy to eliminate but tough to get rid of for good. For example, it is possible to crush them with your tongue for temporary relief. However, they often find a way of growing back and causing you more annoyance. Thankfully, treatment is possible for this issue, a type that can be done in as little as an afternoon at a treatment facility near you.

Treating This Problem

While you can crush tonsil stones with your tongue or even your fingers, you should still see a professional about getting them removed. This procedure should take no more than a few hours to finish and will be an inpatient procedure. Most people can go about their day after this treatment method and experience very little ill effect on their day. 

However, it is probably still smart to invest in a breathing machine while you are getting sleep apnea treatment. While it might not be necessary after the removal of your tonsil stones, it can ensure that other problems aren't contributing to your condition.

So if you are suffering from sleep apnea after losing a bunch of weight, you should seriously consider getting yourself checked for tonsil stones. You should then get them treated and then get air machine treatments. These can help you breathe more easily at night and provide you with a cleaner and snore-free night that won't affect your sleep negatively any more.