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Take Good Care Of Your Feet But See Your Podiatrist For Proper Foot Care

Getting into the habit of practicing good foot care early in life contributes to healthy feet throughout your lifetime. This means that you should also take care of your young kids' feet as well while reminding teens to start a routine of trimming their toenails and moisturizing their feet too. The care you give your feet ultimately prevents your developing foot problems in the future. Your feet, unlike any other area of your body, support your entire body's weight and bear a lot of pressure. Take good care of your feet and see a podiatrist at a place like Foot & Ankle Care Center PA for early proper foot care.

How Pressure Affects Your Feet

Your feet and toes bear pressure from being packed closely together in shoes. Friction also occurs due to pressure on your feet when you start walking or running. Note that your body provides a protective shield of thickened and hard skin cover on your toes and balls of your feet. The hardened skin bears the full impact of pressure in these areas of your feet. Friction builds up later on those special areas of thickened skin and creates corns and calluses and other foot ailments. If you are a diabetic patient, it's vital that you avoid developing serious foot problems from calluses and corns.

Diabetic Foot Care Is As Vital As Your Glucose Level

Sure you must maintain an acceptable glucose level measurement when you are a diabetic patient. However, taking proper care of your feet is just as important to avoid developing problems of infections and ulcers. Ulcers may cause you to require an amputation of your foot or leg as the condition worsens. So you must visit your podiatrist regularly to inspect calluses or any break in your skin that doesn't heal properly. Make sure that you make quarterly visits to your podiatrist for evaluation and to have your toenails trimmed. Search between your toes each day to make sure there is no hidden evidence of a sore or a skin tear in that area of your feet.

Diabetes Nerve Damage

Be acutely aware that diabetes causes nerve damage to your feet in the form of neuropathy. Neuropathy results in your having very limited sensitivity to pain whatsoever. You could have infections developing between your toes or elsewhere on your feet without having the capacity to feel or notice a spreading infection.

Other Causes Of Foot Pain

Always report to your podiatrist all foot pain problems. You may need proper fitting shoes. Perhaps you're standing on your feet for long periods daily. Try stretching exercises that you can perform to treat foot pain, and a physical therapist can offer those exercises. Ask your physical therapist whether adding strengthening exercises to regular stretching you're already performing can help your foot pain. If you've tried a few home remedies and they do not ease your pain, don't hesitate to make an appointment to see your podiatrist.