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3 Reasons To See A Foot Doctor

Your feet are one of the most important parts of your body. However, many people don't care for their feet as they should and they are hard on their feet, and don't get proper medical attention when they experience an injury or a problem. Here are some reasons why you should go see a foot doctor.

1. You Have A Stress Fracture

One of the most common injuries of the foot is a stress fracture. This is especially common for people who are runners or who are incredibly active. Stress fractures are when you get a small hairline fracture in the bone of the foot. It can be anywhere in the foot, but they generally present themselves right on the outside of the foot. A stress fracture feels like a dull ache in the foot that gets worse throughout the day and the more you use it. In the morning after you have rested it might feel normal, but then by the afternoon, or right after you exercise, you may feel a lot of pain.

A foot doctor can diagnose the stress fracture, give you a proper cast and give you the information that you need to help it heal faster.

2. You Have In-Grown Toe Nails

Another common problem that people have that they usually don't get treatment for is an in-grown toe nail. In grown toe nails can be serious is they aren't treated properly. An in grown toe nail feels like a sharp pain right around the toe nail. It generally happens where the toe meets another toe. So the inside of the nails, and usually on the big toe, however, it could happen anywhere.

If the toe nail is too far inside it can become infected and need to be surgically removed. This is why it is important to see a foot doctor if you have a problem.

3. You Have Limited Mobility In The Foot

Lastly, if you have limited mobility in your foot or ankle, you need to see a doctor. It could be a sign that you were injured, and walking on the foot with an injury could be dangerous. There is also a chance that you have something like arthritis in your joints. In this case you would need medical attention, including life style changes and perhaps medication.

By understanding these things you can know when it is time to see a foot doctor, like one from Laurel Podiatry Associates, LLC