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Allergies In Winter? Why It's Not So Surprising

When most people think of allergies, they think of outdoor allergies in the spring, summer and/or fall. They may even think about indoor allergies, but usually such allergies are connected to dust and/or pets, both of which most people with allergies avoid. So, how is it that you are experiencing strange allergic reactions in the middle of a freezing winter? Actually, that is not as surprising as you might think, and here is why.

Indoor Allergies Increase

You are stuck inside most of the winter. As such, human skin cells accumulate on your surroundings. You also tend to stir up more dust because you are pulling out games, books, etc. to occupy yourself while the cold winds blow outside. Mold can grow and accumulate as well, since your hot house melts some of the snow and ice on the roof and provides moisture and heat for the mold to grow. Pets notwithstanding, you should expect your allergies to flare while indoors all winter.

People Forget to Change the Furnace Filters

Furnace filters prevent dust from circulating in the air inside your house. If you already have allergen-preventive filters in your furnace, then it is quite common to forget to change those filters per the every two to three months as instructed. Dirty and forgotten furnace filters not only stop cleaning the air you breathe, but also contribute to the increase in dust and allergens within your home. If you have not checked your furnace filter or you cannot remember the last time you changed it, this may be why your eyes, nose and throat are driving you crazy in a season where you would not expect them to.

Your Immune System Is Weakened by Seasonal Colds and Flu

Allergies are the direct result of your body attempting to attack what it thinks is a foreign and potentially hazardous substance. When you are already suffering a weakened immune system due to seasonal colds and flu, your body has even less defense against allergens. It lowers its guard, so to speak, and even after you have recovered from the cold or the flu, your body is still not 100%. Ergo, it continues to spiral with an onslaught of allergies until you can make a full recovery from being sick. While rest and fluids is vital to shorten this vicious circle, you should also attempt to get some fresh air whenever possible because there are limited allergens outside at this time of year.

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