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6 Tips for Preventing Scarring from a Curling-Iron Burn

Plenty of women burn their skin when curling their hair. When this happens, you will want to know what you can do to prevent scarring, especially if the burning happens on your face. Here are six tips to help prevent scarring.

Cool It Right Away: The first thing you need to do is cool the skin down right away with cold water. You should let water run over the burn for at least 20 seconds. Do not use ice because ice will just freeze your skin. Since your skin is hot from the burn, you won't know when the ice is starting to freeze your skin, and this can leave you with frostbite on top of having a burn. 

Take an Ibuprofen: If you have some on hand, take an ibuprofen to help prevent inflammation, and this in turn prevents scarring. This will also help with the pain if the burn is large enough to be extremely painful. This way, you can continue about your day without the burn hindering you. 

Don't Mess with It: At this point, do not mess with the burn. If it has blistered, do not pick at it. Not only will this be painful, but it will definitely lead to scarring. You can also infect the skin if you are touching it when your hands are dirty. 

Apply Sunscreen: Once the burn starts to heal, you will want to apply sunscreen before going outside. The reason for this is that the harsh rays of the sun can irritate the burned area and cause it to become darker and scarred. 

Get Treatment: If the burn is really bad to the point that the ibuprofen has not helped with the pain, then don't hesitate to receive treatment from the emergency room. This is absolutely necessary for large burns on the face, since the skin on your face is extremely sensitive. The ER will have the right tools and ointments to reduce the burn quickly, and this in turn prevents large scars from appearing. 

Visit a Dermatologist: Finally, if you feel that your efforts are not reducing the appearance of scarring, visit a dermatologist, such as one from Premier Urgent Care Centers of California, Inc., who can provide a prescription for some kind of topical ointment that can help. Don't attempt to rely on over-the-counter ointments, since scarred skin is sensitive, and using over-the-counter ointments can just lead to problems, especially if you know that you have highly sensitive skin already. 

When you consider these six tips, you can be sure that the burn from your curling iron does not scar your skin.