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An Overview Of How A Chiropractor Can Treat Your Headache After You'Ve Been On A Computer All Day

Working at a computer all day can get your body out of alignment. Your shoulders can start to droop and the spine can get slightly hyperextended from leaning over for so long. The result is that you can start to get headaches from the pressure on your muscular and skeletal system. A chiropractor can help to realign your skeletal system and massage your muscles to reduce the amount of pressure your body is feeling to relieve the headaches. If you get headaches after working at the computer all day and you want to avoid taking medication to relieve the pain, here is an overview of how a chiropractor will treat your headache.

Chiropractic Table

You will be placed on a cushioned table that is split into three or four sections. The lower sections will raise and lower your hips and legs, the middle section will raise and lower your abdomen, and the top section will raise and lower your head and chest. The chiropractor will raise your legs in a bent position so you look like you're sitting when you are lying down. A towel is wrapped around your neck as if you are wearing a neck brace.

Spine Pull

The chiropractor will place posts in the mid-section of the table to hold both sides of your hip in place. They will then stand at the top of your head and wrap their fingers under both sides of your jaw bone. They will pull your head toward them in a quick thrusting motion. You will probably hear the bones in your spine crack a little as they stretch out and settle back into the proper position.

Neck Thrusts

The chiropractor will take your head in their hands and twist it a little to the left before doing another quick thrusting motion. Your head will be twisted to the right and another thrust will be done. Again, you'll usually hear the bones in the spine at the base of your head crack as the thrusting motions are done. At this point, you should feel your headache start to subside.

Hip Thrusts

You will be told to lie on your stomach. The chiropractor will put one hand over the other and place them at the center of the spine where it meets your hip. The chiropractor will thrust downward on the spine and both sides of the hip. The thrusting down motion will continue up the spine to the base of your skull as they push your bones back into their proper alignment.


The chiropractor will now massage the muscles in your back from your buttocks to the base of your skull. They will often use a mixture of an electric massager and their hands to loosen and soothe your muscles. The chiropractor will ask you to flip over and they will then massage your head and forehead to help those muscles relax. Your headache should be gone at the end of the massage.

The whole process of adjusting your skeletal system and massage will take about 10 minutes.