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Why Electric Wheelchairs Are Better For Advanced MS Sufferers

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a devastating disease that causes extreme muscle weakness and reduced ability to maintain balance. In the advanced stages of MS, your loved one may be experiencing serious mobility loss. He or she may require help getting around and a cane or walker is no longer an option. Check out the benefits of an electric wheelchair for your loved one dealing with the loss of mobility that comes with advanced MS.

Preserving Independence And Dignity

If your loved one has just begun to experience the symptoms of advanced MS, he or she previously may have been able to get around, even drive, on their own during the first stages of the disease. Because that person has been independent a great portion of his or her life, suddenly becoming dependent on others for getting around, even to the bathroom, can have a huge impact on his or her emotional well-being. Your loved one may not have the upper-body strength necessary for maneuvering a manual wheelchair. By providing your loved one with an electric wheelchair, he or she will have the means to preserve his or her independence and dignity for longer.

Saving Physical Energy Is Important

One of the greatest debilitating symptoms of advanced MS is fatigue. In order for your loved one to maintain a normal routine and his or her daily activities, reducing the strain on their energy levels is paramount. Using a cane, walker or manual wheelchair can be tiring, especially for someone that doesn't have a lot of energy to spare. Using an electric wheelchair will allow your loved to have more energy for focusing on his or her daily tasks. Being alert and less tired can also help to lower your loved one's risk of depression.

Reducing The Risk of Falling

For someone that is suffering with advanced MS, falling and breaking a hip or other bone can have devastating consequences. Preventing falls is extremely important for someone with advanced MS because healing and recovery could cause stress that would increase the advancement of MS. If your loved one is losing balance control due to MS, providing him or her with an electric wheelchair is a good idea for preventing falls.

Watching a loved one suffer with MS can be heart-breaking. However, if you provide ways for that person to maintain a normal way of life for longer, you can say that you taking steps to help improve his or her quality of life, decisions you will never regret. Work with a medical supplier like Pro-Med Equipment & Supply to learn about the best electric wheelchair option for your loved one.