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How To Prevent Head Lice In Children

For some parents, the mere thought of their child getting head lice sends shivers down their spines. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common thing that can occur to any child. Childhood is one of the most common times that head lice is contracted due to children being in close contact with each other in school, day care centers, camps or any other area where several children may be together at the same time. However, parents can take these steps to help prevent their children from getting head lice.

Educate Your Child 

If your child is school aged, it is very important to educate him on how to keep from getting head lice. Explain to him what this is and simplify it to something easy for him to comprehend, such as "getting bugs in your hair that make you itch." 

Tell your child how very important it is that he never share a brush, comb, hat, cap or any type of clothing with his friends. The child needs to know that if a friend has lice on his comb, brush or clothing and he shares it, there is a good chance that he will get itchy bugs in his head too.

Create A No Snuggling Rule 

You also need to teach your child that it is not a good idea to hug other children, snuggle up to other children during nap time or sit so closely together that they are touching each other. Create a no snuggling rule that means he is never to snuggle with anyone other than those who live in his home with him.

Tell him that snuggling too close is another way he could get head lice. Remind him of this occasionally before dropping him off at places where he will be with other children to help him remember.

Use Special Shampoos 

If your child is too young to understand what can cause him to get head lice, you can still take precautions to keep him from getting it. There are shampoos on the market that have coconut oil or olive oil included in the ingredients. These shampoos have fatty acids that break down the body of lice and prevent them from surviving on the hair.

Shampoos and conditioners that have tea tree oil, menthol, lavender oil and eucalyptus oil also repel lice from getting in the hair. Head lice do not like the smell of these ingredients and often avoid getting into hair that has been washed and conditioned with these products.

Use Spray Lice Repellents 

There are also products on the market now that are designed just for repelling lice. These are nontoxic to humans and can be sprayed on children's clothing and backpacks to help prevent them from getting head lice.

Be sure to always examine your child's scalp carefully every time he returns from school, daycare or an outing with friends. While this may not prevent him from getting lice, it can prevent the problem from becoming severe. If you notice nits in your child's scalp, treat the problem immediately so it does not become worse. To learn more, contact a lice removal company like Brookfield Lice Removal.