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Signs Of A Sinus Infection

Sinusitis, or a sinus infection as it is commonly known, occurs when the cavities inside of your nose become deeply swollen and inflamed. However, this doesn't tell you much, as many people do not even notice this is the case, at first. However, there are some definitive signs of a sinus infection. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn just a few of these signs of a sinus infection. 

Sore Throat

A post-nasal drip can occur during a sinus infection, which can lead to you having an aching throat that is also raw to touch. You may notice this effect most prominently when you wake up in the morning, as the drip was probably active all through the night. This issue can exacerbate itself if left untreated, as the mucus can deeply inflame your throat, causing even greater pain. You may find that you eventually have trouble swallowing food or consuming liquids.


Discharge running down the back of your throat can also cause some serious irritation which can lead to a persistent cough. Coughs caused by sinus infections are more than annoying, however. They can cause you to have some serious issues with your health. Most notably, they are more prominent during the nighttime hours, and can cause you to lose hours of sleep. Although it might seem like a difficult task at first, try sleeping upright (such as on a recliner or upright on a couch) in order to ameliorate the effects of a bad sinus cough.


Your sinuses are located behind your eyes, both above and below them, as well as throughout your nose. You may find that a deep pain has set into one or more of these areas. The swelling and inflammation that is a hallmark of sinusitis can cause these areas to ache, or you might feel pressure placed against them. Other areas in which you might experience pain during a sinus infection include your jaws, teeth, forehead, between your eyes, or on either side of your nose, around the cheek areas.


An even deeper pain than the aforementioned, the collection of fluid in your sinuses can cause you to experience incredible pain. These headaches can be particularly bad in the morning, as the fluids have been manifesting themselves and collecting themselves in your sinuses all night long.

Hopefully, this guide has given you some idea of some of the signs that you very well may have a sinus infection. If you are experiencing a sinus infection, seek out care from a location like Rochester Otolaryngology Group PC.