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3 Easy-Peasy Ways To Avoid Back Pain As A Runner

Running is a preferable workout activity for a lot of people for three reasons: It is easy, requires no equipment, and can be done just about anywhere. Even though running, whether it is to get fit or shed a few pounds, is convenient enough, this is one physical activity that can cause some back pain. Running can put a lot of pressure on the spine, especially if you are not very fit or have existing spinal issues. Thankfully, lowering the chances of your favorite activity causing you back pain is as easy as doing three simple things.

Always warm up before you start running.

It is never a good idea to just take off in a run from an idle position, as this forces muscles and tendons that may be tense from being still to start working quickly. This sudden change can cause a great deal of strain on the muscles that surround your spinal column. Before you run, make sure you give yourself an adequate amount of time to warm up by stretching, walking vigorously, and breathing deeply. A few minutes of warm activity should suffice to get your muscles more relaxed and ready to move.

Be careful about where you run.

You may have city streets that surround you that are perfect for your daily run, but concrete and other hard surfaces can be more stressful on your body as you pound along the ground with your feet. If possible, look for soft-surface running options, such as on a rubber track at an outdoor park or even on the grass if it is dry. Any kind of shock-absorbing material will make each footfall less stressful on your whole body, especially your spine.

Keep your core muscles strong.

The core of your body is often assumed to be only the abdominal area. However, part of the core is considered the back muscles. Specifically those muscles that are in the lower and outer middle area of your back are core related. These muscles provide your body with a lot of support as you move, but especially when you run. Therefore, if running is your thing, doing core-strength training exercises regularly can help to prevent back pain while you run.

Even though running is an excellent way to burn calories, get fit, and just feel better, this is one physical activity that can bring on some back pain. If you have extreme issues with back pain when you run, be sure you consult a medical practitioner for advice.