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Finding The Right Nursing Home For Your Active Loved One

Finding a nursing home that can help a mentally or physically active person stay engaged can be a challenge. Here are things to look for so you can choose the best nursing home for your loved one.


A great nursing home will have many activities your loved one can participate in. As you seek nursing homes, ask for an activity schedule that you can browse through. Check for the following:

  • exercise activities or workout areas
  • weekly dancing or music nights
  • daily games (such as Bingo or Cribbage)
  • crafts and puzzle activities

Your loved one needs to remain engaged in daily activities so they can keep themselves mentally and physically alert. Always choose a nursing home that has an extensive activities program.


Interaction in a nursing home is essential to keeping your loved one mentally and emotionally stimulated. Some nursing homes have resident pets that people can play with and help care for. Others have visiting areas for drinking coffee or watching TV while interacting with other residents. The right nursing home will have staff as well that take the time to sit down with residents and give them company in addition to taking care of them. Choose a facility that has interactive tools for socialization, whether they do so by having ample staff on hand for personalized attention or have pets or other activities to encourage patient interaction.


Many nursing homes will allow you to take your loved one for a walk or drive so they aren't limited to the boundaries of their facility. Before choosing any nursing home, make sure they allow this kind of freedom. This way, your loved one won't feel so confined and will be able to enjoy the special care they receive on a daily basis even more.

Another thing you should look for in a nursing home is the ability to have guests at a fairly lenient schedule. Ask the visiting hours of any nursing home you are considering to make sure your loved one will be able to have visitors whenever they choose.

Placing your active loved one in a nursing home can be a difficult thing to do. Many nursing homes are willing to accommodate the mental and physical skills of their more active residents to help keep them stimulated. With a bit of research and investigation, you should be able to help your loved one choose the right nursing home for their needs.

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