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3 Signs You Need An Ophthalmologist Instead Of An Optometrist

Many people seek their eye exams and other routine eye care through an optometrist. You might count on your eye doctor for all of your eye-related care, but in some cases, you need the services of an ophthalmologist instead. Even though both are doctors who provide care for their patients' eyes, they don't do the exact same job. An optometrist is considered more of a primary care physician who specializes in the eyes and who offers routine care. An ophthalmologist, however, provides even more specialized care and can do a lot more than your average optometrist can do. These are a few signs that you might need to switch to an ophthalmologist to ensure that you are getting adequate care for your eyes.     

1. You Have Injured Your Eye

If you have injured your eye, such as while getting in a car accident or other type of accident, there is a chance that your eyes have sustained an injury that your optometrist cannot provide you proper care for. An ophthalmologist, however, generally has more experience and education in handling eye injuries and can provide you with a more thorough examination. he or she can also tell you about surgical options and other treatment options that can help you recover.

2. Your Vision is Getting Worse Quickly

It's not abnormal for your vision to get progressively worse as you age. However, if your vision is changing very quickly and you find that your eyeglasses stop providing adequate aid for your vision in a short amount of time, such as in a few months, then there might be a more serious eye issue at play. An ophthalmologist can dig into your potential issues more deeply and can help find out the source of the problem.

3. You Have a Medical Issue That Affects Your Eyes

Do you have a medical issue that affects your eyes? For example, do you have diabetes, which can actually lead to serious vision problems, or do you suffer from glaucoma or another related issue? If so, you will need the care of an ophthalmologist if you want to explore all of your treatment options and keep a close watch on your symptoms.

Overall, a good optometrist can provide you with adequate care if your eye care needs are simple. If you are dealing with more than just minor vision correction, however, finding a good ophthalmologist (such as one from Arizona Eye Specialists) is generally a good idea to ensure that you are getting the best treatment out there.