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Picking Glasses That Suit Your Face Shape

If you are someone who wears glasses regularly, you will want to take special care in the frames you select so they do not accentuate features you would rather draw the eyes away from. The frames you wear can make a statement and help show others your personality. Picking out a pair of glasses is not that difficult if you stick to a few rules about which frames work well with your specific face shape. Here is a list of face shapes and which glasses look best for each.

Find Your Face Shape

It is often difficult to determine what shape your face looks like most, as you look at it in the mirror often without thinking about this point. Break out a few photographs of yourself and trace your face onto a piece of tracing paper. Compare the photos and decide which shape they look like most. If you are not quite sure and your face resembles more than one shape, do not be upset. A place like Spectacle Shoppe, Inc. can help you find frames that best suit your face.

Oval Face

If you have an oval-shaped face, look for large, circular frames. Since they will take up a lot of the space on your face, they will make your face seem less elongated. Picking out frames with wide or decorated arms will make your face seem broader as other people's eyes are drawn to the temple area of your face.

Square Face

Narrow oval or rectangular-shaped frames look best on a square face. Look for a pair that have rounded corners. They will make your jaw line appear softer and less rigid and will give the appearance of elongation to your overall face shape. 

Round Face

If your face most resembles a circle, stick with frames that are rectangular. This will add the appearance of length to your face. The eyes often seem as if they look closer together on circular faces. Picking out frames that have a different color on the bridge portion will help make your eyes look further apart. 

Rectangular Face

Select a pair of cat-eye glasses to take the focus off your long jaw line if you have a rectangular face. People will look at the upper part of your face and cat-eyed glasses will draw their gaze to your eyes. Half-rimmed glasses will have the same effect.

Heart Face

If you have a heart-shaped face, rimless frames or aviator-style frames will work best. These types of frames take the focus off of a pointy chin and redirect the attention to your eyes. These frames will also decrease the appearance of a face that is top-heavy.