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Three Ways To Maintain Independent Living As A Senior

As you get older it often becomes more difficult to perform daily and necessary tasks that you took for granted when you were younger. For many people, there is no choice but to move into a nursing home to get the professional care that they require. But most seniors are reluctant to give up their independence. This is understandable, and if your needs are not great, there are a few things you can do to keep your independent living. The following are three things you can do to help achieve this.

Maintain a method for emergency contact

The first and most important element in maintaining your independent living is to make sure that you can call for help in an emergency. Independent living often means living alone, and the difficulty with this is the possibility of a medical emergency. With no one to assist you, it is possible turn a simple trip to the doctor into a life threatening situation. There are electronic devices that exist allowing you to contact a monitoring service, and they will contact emergency response.

Hire a care worker to come to your home

If you only have a minimum of needs as a senior, you may be able to get friends or relatives to assist you, or if you have the financial means, you can hire assistance. This latter option can be expensive, but that is dependent upon how much service you require to maintain your independence. Basic assistance is often affordable. Examples of this are housekeeping and light cooking. Often errands can be performed for you such as grocery shopping. Some nursing care can be provided, but it is limited to basic necessities such as personal hygiene and home medical care. In some cases, insurance will cover certain portions of this type of care.

Move to a senior assisted living complex

This type of living environment exists in a wide range of offerings for seniors. They are most often apartment complexes that are exclusive to senior citizens and provide amenities particular to this age group. There are different levels of assistance available; it is dependent on the particular assisted living complex. Some the services provided include transportation for residents, cafeteria setting for communal meals, and group activities. Contact a local senior housing center, such as Carriage Oaks Retirement Community, for further assistance. 

If you find yourself or a loved one struggling to maintain their independent lifestyle, keep the above ideas in mind. There are many ways to maintain independence for those seniors that only have a few needs that are becoming difficult in their daily lives.