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Treating Sensitive Teeth After Whitening Your Teeth

Only certain teeth whitening methods can ensure that you get the perfect teeth you desire. However, you may also find that your teeth are very sensitive to those methods. Fortunately, your teeth might become used to the treatment after 24 hours and stop being sensitive. However, if the problem lasts for longer, you will need to work with your dentist to alleviate your teeth sensitivity problem.

Follow Your Dentist's Instructions

When you are using a teeth-whitening product, make sure that you carefully follow your dentist's instructions. When the teeth whitening product is not used properly, this can worsen teeth sensitivity issues. Whitening your teeth for longer than instructed can cause teeth sensitivity issues and can also produce results that you might not desire.

Use the Teeth Whitening Product Less Frequently

Ask your dentist if you can use the teeth whitening product less often. You may still achieve the desired results, but it may take longer. Applying the teeth whitening treatment for a shorter period of time, such as five minutes, can also help alleviate teeth sensitivity problems.

Avoid Heat and Cold

Teeth sensitivity leads to your teeth experiencing pain when it is too cold or warm. For example, try to avoid drinking very hot or very cold beverages. Also, try to spend less time outside in the cold.

Get a Different Toothpaste

You may also need a different type of toothpaste. The teeth sensitivity problem is usually caused by the peroxide level, so if your dentist provides you with a toothpaste with a lower peroxide level, your teeth might be less affected. An ideal percentage is five percent. If you use a toothpaste that comes with a desensitizing agent, you will feel less pain after brushing your teeth.

Apply the Treatment Before Brushing Your Teeth

If you brush your teeth after whitening rather than before whitening, you will open up pores and expose nerves to the chemicals that contribute to teeth sensitivity. Apply the teeth whitening agent first, complete the treatment, and then brush your teeth.

Use a Desensitizing Gel

There are desensitizing gels that you can apply to your teeth before you apply the teeth whitening agent. Apply the gel about 15 minutes before you apply the teeth whitening agent to have the greatest effect.

Teeth sensitivity is an unfortunate side effect of trying to get impressive white teeth. However, it is a side effect you do not necessarily have to live with if you work carefully with your cosmetic dentist.