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3 Incredible Accessories That Can Upgrade Your Wheelchair

People upgrade their homes and cars all the time. Upgrades make these items more functional, more convenient to use, or more attractive. Why not do the same thing for your wheelchair? If you rely on your wheelchair, you have just as much incentive to customize it to your specifications as you might have for your home or vehicle, and there are some very useful and fun accessories out there for wheelchairs. Take a look at a few of the wheelchair parts that can make your day a little easier or a little brighter.

Customized Grips

Do you ever have trouble grabbing the handles of your brakes when you want to lock your chair's wheels into place? Many wheelchair users find that their brake handles are slippery, hard to move due to arthritis or other pain issues, or difficult to see.

You can purchase grips for your brake handles that are large, brightly colored, and easy to grip. These handles can make braking a breeze despite any physical limitations. The ability to brake completely is an important wheelchair safety feature, and customized grips will help ensure that you can take full advantage of your brakes whenever you need to.

Light-up Casters

Your casters are the small wheels that are located in the front part of your wheelchair. They're there to provide balance and smooth out your ride, but they can also be personalized to make your chair more visible and more fun.

Replace your ordinary, everyday casters with a pair of casters equipped with multicolored LED lights that will draw attention. Not only are light-up casters a fun way to decorate your chair, they also come with an added safety bonus – you'll be more visible to anyone that might cross your path. This is especially helpful in parking lots, or if you intend to take your chair out for a spin in the evening hours. Your lights will catch the eyes of drivers and pedestrians, and may help you avoid any accidents.

Wheel Covers

Being in a wheelchair shouldn't stop you from coming and going from your house as you please, but the cleanup required after you roll through your muddy lawn the morning after a rainy night may just keep you inside. Wheelchair wheels aren't like shoes that you can take off at the door – if you wheel through mud or dirt, there's a pretty good chance that you'll bring that inside with you, and you may not always be up to cleaning the floor.

Eliminate the mess with machine washable wheelchair covers. This way, you can keep your floors – not to mention your hands – clean. Just slip them on over your wheelchair wheels, and toss them in the washing machine when you're done with them.

Your wheelchair supply store can help you choose accessories that fit your model of wheelchair and work with your lifestyle. Ask the staff what options they offer for upgrading your chair and improving your wheelchair experience. (For more information, contact Southwest Medical & Rehab)