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Three Pitfalls To Avoid When Applying Eye Drops To Your Eye

Whether you're treating a specific problem for your eye or just need an efficient medication delivery method, eye drops can end up being absolutely essential to your comfort and health. But if you aren't completely up to speed with the mistakes to avoid while applying eye drops, you could very well cause more problems than you solve. So make sure to avoid these three pitfalls with applying eye drops to your eye.

Applying Them While Your Face Isn't Perfectly Parallel To The Ground

Ideally, you should be laying on a bed while you're applying eye drops. If this isn't possible, at least lay your head on a chair or desk so that you can be sure that your eyes are perfectly parallel with the ground.

Whatever you do, don't try to casually apply eye drops while you're standing upright and bending your head back. Since it's very difficult to remain parallel to the ground this way, it's more likely than not that a significant portion of the eye drops you apply will end up in your nose.

Not Rubbing Your Eye Afterward With Your Ring Finger

It's one thing to apply eye drops to your eye correctly. It's quite another matter to follow up with your ring finger to rub the liquid in while you keep your head perfectly still.

If you don't gently put pressure on your eye after you apply eye drops, the liquid will swish around all over the face without fully penetrating the cornea. You won't get the full effects of the medication and you'll suffer from blurred vision for a significant amount of time.

Using More Than Two Drops

Most eye drop bottles instruct you to use between one to two eye drops per session. But really, if you apply the first eye drop correctly, there's no need to go on to the second one. A second eye drop is mentioned solely because it's assumed that not all of the first one will make it into your inner eye because of poor technique.

More than two eye drops will overload your eye and may actually worsen irritation and redness. If you're taking eye drops in order to mitigate some kind of allergy, often the side effects of taking too many eye drops are just as bad as what you're trying to prevent.

Something like the correct application of eye drops is easy to overlook. But if you don't apply your eye drops properly, all the effort you took to either get a prescription or purchase an over-the-counter ointment will be in vain. For more information, contact an optometrist in your area.