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The Different Causes Of Neck Pain That Spinal Manipulation Can Help You Treat

Living in a country that is obsessed with over-the-counter medication makes it easy for a person to opt for treatments that are not necessarily effective. Take neck pain for example. In a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, and reported in MedicineNet, spinal manipulation therapy was found to be more effective in relieving pain than taking any medications.

Spinal manipulation sounds like a complicated word for a complicated procedure, but in reality, it simply involves applying pressure on joints to help them to align better. Therefore, instead of having to spend money on buying expensive medication, and instead of having to fill your body with harmful medication that may have long-term negative side effects, choosing a simple non-intrusive form of therapy, spinal manipulation, may be all it takes to solve your neck problem. Here are some of the most common causes of neck pain that can be easily treated by spinal manipulation.

Neck muscle stress

The muscles in your neck can be strained when overused.  An improper sitting posture when reading a book can cause your muscles to strain. An innocent activity such as gritting your teeth can cause sudden muscle stretching that may cause neck pain. And so can hunching over a steering wheel or a computer for hours on end.

Neck injuries can also result in long-term neck pain. A car collision can cause your head to jerk forcefully, pulling your muscles out of place. Injuries may also be caused by trauma from a contact sport. You can also get startled, something that may cause your neck muscles to stretch beyond their capacity.

And while pain medications might be great when it comes to getting rid of the pain, taking such medication doesn't really solve the real problem. Spinal manipulation helps to solve this problem. By the strategic application of pressure on neck joints and neck muscles, this technique helps to get the muscles to relax. It helps to get the muscles back into their original position and thus eliminating the cause of the pain.

Displacement of the cervical vertebrae

Sometimes, neck pain is caused by more than stress or injury of muscles. You can experience pain in the neck region if the joints of the cervical vertebrae get displaced. This can cause them to press against your nerves, causing excruciating pain. Several doses of pain medication cannot solve this neck pain problem.

On the other hand, cervical manipulation, a form of spinal manipulation, can. And all it takes is to have a trained professional adjust the neck and snap the vertebrae into its original position.

However, while spinal manipulation is an effective non-intrusive solution to neck pain, it has its limits. This is because there are times when neck problems are a symptom of an underlying problem. Neck problems can be caused by viral infections and degenerative diseases. And in such cases, spinal manipulation may not be the best alternative.

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