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4 Signs Your Child Might Be Dealing With Asthma

Even though you do everything you can to keep your children safe and healthy, there is always the chance that your little one could get sick when you least expect it. While some conditions are only temporary, others can last for the rest of their life. Knowing what they have and how to best treat it is an important part of the process. With asthma being so common in children, you need to know if this is what your little one is dealing with. Be on the lookout for some of these symptoms to determine if this is truly what your child has.

Frequently Coughing

Do you notice your little one coughing quite often after playing, crying or laughing? Oftentimes, the child will start coughing because they aren't able to catch their breath. The coughing is the reaction to their airways tightening up on them. Children should be able to run and play without having to worry about coughing uncontrollably.

Less Energy When Playing

Children are normally full of energy, but that isn't the case when they have asthma. Children who struggle with asthma will often by more rundown than their healthy counterparts. Their energy will tend to decline because of the strain on their muscles and lungs when trying to breathe when playing.

Wheezing or Whistling

When you breathe, you shouldn't really hear the breath coming in and out of your mouth. Oftentimes, children who have asthma will make a whistling or wheezing sound as they try to breathe. The sound stems from their airways being constricted making it more difficult to breathe deeply.

Rapid Breathing

Many times children who are dealing with asthma will have labored breathing. Regardless of whether they are running around and playing or sitting still, there is a chance that they could still suffer with rapid breathing. For some, it is something in the air that triggered the allergic reaction, while others simply react to something stressful in their lives. Every situation is different, but children shouldn't have rapid breathing unless there is something going on with them.

If you suspect that your child might be suffering from asthma, you need to get them in to a doctor—such as one from Partners in Pediatrics—who can make an accurate diagnosis as to what is going on and what treatment options you need to pursue. Getting a proper diagnosis is the first step in being able to treat the condition and make the necessary lifestyle modifications to ensure your little one is happy and healthy.