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4 Reasons To Choose Dental Implants Instead Of Dentures

If you need to have your teeth extracted, you're going to need replacement teeth. There are two options available for you. Those options are dentures, and dental implants. While both options will replace your natural teeth. There are some advantages to choosing dental implants. If you're not familiar with dental implants, here are a few of those advantages for you to consider.

They're Permanent

Dental implants will stay in your mouth. You won't have to worry about them slipping, or rubbing on your gums. You also won't have to worry about taking them out when you go to bed. Dentures must be taken out of your mouth each night and soaked. If you don't soak them each night, they can develop odors, especially inside the recesses and grooves. Because your implants will stay in your mouth, they're easier to keep clean.

You Can Eat The Foods You Love

There are so many foods that you can't eat when you wear dentures. Some of those foods include:

  • Popcorn
  • Candy apples
  • Corn on the cob

One problem with eating these foods is that small particles can get stuck under the dentures and cause pain and sores. Another problem is that sticky foods can cause your dentures to come loose.

Dental implants allow you to continue eating the foods you enjoy. Your dental implants are surgically implanted in your jawbone, which means that foods can't get stuck underneath them. It also means that foods won't pull them loose.

You Can Get Intimate

It can be extremely embarrassing to have your dentures slip or fall out while you're trying to kiss. You won't have to worry about that if you have dental implants. Each implanted tooth is individually secured to an implant post. You can kiss without worrying about embarrassing denture mishaps.

No Messy Denture Adhesive

If you want to keep your dentures securely in place, you need to use denture adhesive. There are two problems with denture adhesive. One, if you put on too much, it can ooze out from under the dentures and leave unsightly deposits of adhesive along the denture line. Two, it doesn't taste very good. With dental implants, you won't ever have to worry about denture adhesive. Once your implants are installed, they will stay securely in place.

When it's time to have your teeth extracted, you'll want to choose replacement teeth that will allow you to enjoy life to the fullest. Dental implants from a company like Woodland Family Dental will allow you to replace your teeth, without the fuss that is often associated with dentures.