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Will Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment Rejuvenate Your Sex Life?

If you're concerned about a decrease in the frequency or quality of sex after having kids, you may wonder whether there's anything you can do to restore your vaginal canal to its pre-kids condition. But, while giving birth can lead to some minute changes in the tone and structure of the vaginal walls, unless you required extensive stitches for tearing or had other complications, the issues you're noticing now may be more attributable to the aging process than the childbearing one. With this in mind, can vaginal rejuvenation treatments help you achieve your better-sex goals? Read on to learn more about some of the treatments offered and how they may be able to help you.

What Are Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatments?

The broad term "vaginal rejuvenation" can encompass everything from surgical procedures to lift the cervix and tighten the vaginal walls to "energy" treatments that attempt to tone skin and muscle through the use of heated balls. The difference between the most- and least-invasive vaginal rejuvenation treatments is analogous to the difference between undergoing a facelift and using a high-powered retinol cream to avoid wrinkles.

In other words, it's generally better to start your journey with the least-invasive treatments and work your way up to a surgical rejuvenation, rather than starting with surgery straight out of the gate.

What Treatments Are Available?

There are a few different treatments that fall under the vaginal rejuvenation label.

The first category consists of "energy-based treatments," which rely on heat and ultrasonic waves to tone and tighten the muscles that line the vaginal walls. Researchers believe that by inserting a slender device into the vagina and then gently heating it, this device improves blood flow to the area and provides more support for tissue and muscle regeneration. For those struggling with urinary incontinence or other issues associated with poor muscle tone, energy-based treatments can be a great option.

A second category includes CO2 laser treatments, which use high-frequency light waves to encourage tissue regrowth. These treatments are slightly more invasive than energy-based treatments that just involve the insertion of an electronically-controlled device but still shouldn't require any form of sedation (save perhaps some anti-anxiety medication taken before the procedure).

Vaginoplasty is a way to tighten the vagina surgically. This procedure is more comparable to other types of cosmetic or reconstructive surgery and involves undergoing general anesthesia and a potentially lengthy recovery process. In most cases, surgeons will not recommend vaginoplasty to patients who haven't tried a less-invasive approach (unless the issues the patient is dealing with are severe enough that vaginoplasty is the only viable option).  

What Results Should You Expect?

While vaginal rejuvenation treatments can be a great investment in your health and self-care, they're not necessarily a cure-all. It's important not to go into treatment under the assumption that rejuvenation will significantly improve your sex life or help you feel reborn. Instead, it's important to maintain open lines of communication with your partner and physician to ensure that everyone is on the same page.